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Shorts and sandals are not allowed


Opening Hours 营业时间

Tuesday to Sunday 20:00- late (Closed on Mondays)

周二到周日 20:00起至深夜(每周一休息)


Reservation 订桌电话

+86 21 6312 0931


Address 地址

1/F. Three on the Bund .No. 3, Zhong ShanDongYi Rd, Shanghai 



Pushing pass the grand thick door, you see gorgeous crystal lamps cast in a glamorous light. With curtains from ceiling to floor, you have entered the mysterious space that is Club 3 1/3. 


推开厚重的大门,在华丽水晶灯投下的魅影光芒中,揭开充满仪式感的落地布帘,进入Club 3 1/3谜样趣味的空间。

Compared to the average bar or club; Club 3 1/3 uses a decor that includes dark noble malachite green walls and beautiful classic black and white marble desktops. 


With an elegant atmosphere cloned from the 1920's and on, Club 3 1/3 provides large plush velvet sofas and retro hanging ambient lights. Along with textured music, we have created a place for you to experience elegance as well as taste with fun! 


相較於一般的酒吧、夜店,Club 3 1/3使用高贵的孔雀绿墙壁、经典的黑白大理石桌面将整体色调映衬得华丽复古。 来自20年代的典雅氛围贯穿始终,在丝绒沙发、复古挂灯、情境灯光、质感音乐共同打造的幻影空间里,宾客围坐其中杯盏交错,体验贵族一般的娱乐氛围。



The clubs overall space is divided into bar, lobby and VIP area. These three “blocks” are both independent of each other, but blend together perfectly. The VIP box provides you with the best view of our bar. 





The open area provides guests not only with attention but also mystery. You will always be left wondering exactly what mysteries may have just passed you by.


半开放式的区域满足酒吧人群期待被看又可窥看的微妙心态, 而其独立的入口及内藏的明星通道使得它获得极佳的私密性。